Oct 5, 2016

Conrtol4 and Amazon Alexa

Home automation leader Control4 is taking integration to a whole new level with its new OS 2.9 release.

Sanctioned integration with Sonos is part of the experience, as is voice control through Amazon Alexa. In addition, Control4 now supports Z-Wave, treating select third-party products as if they are native to the Control4 ecosystem. In addition, OS 2.9 enables rich integration with motorized shades and more personalization for the end user.

Voice Control through Alexa Smart Home Skills

Control4 is now voice-controllable through Amazon Echo via Alexa Skills created for the smart-home system.

Any Control4-connected device that is already natively supported by Amazon – lights, thermostats, fans and door locks – can be controlled directly through Echo. The devices are discovered automatically and the user needs only to utter a few words like, “Set dining room lights to 60 percent,” or “Turn the thermostat up two degrees.”

For more advanced controls, users can activate scenes by saying commands such as, “Turn off house” or “Turn on party.”

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